After working at Rolls Royce for nearly 21 years, Les Dufty transformed his hobby into an extremely successful business in 1985 and named it 'AUTOMEO'.

AUTOMEO is a small business consisting of all the latest Crypton Electronic Tuning equipment and in excess of 20 years' experience. Any type of tuning, servicing, upgrading, setting of twin carburettors, and general maintenance is offered by a completely competent specialist.

As you can see, AUTOMEO carries a large selection of the best quality parts and spares for virtually all Alfa Romeo models and much, much more, at very competitive prices. Also on offer are genuine Alfa Romeo parts through AUTOMEO's good connections with the Alfa Romeo Dealer Network.

  • A full range of Agip synthetic engine and gear oils are available which are correct for Alfa Romeo and are capable of sustaining the high temperatures and high revs of Alfa performance engines. 
  • A full range of Red Line products - Lead Substitute additive which has recently passed the exhaustive test carried out at MIRA Laboratories on behalf of the Federation of British Historical Vehicle Club's Water Wetter - an additive which reduces cooling system temperature and has been rigorously tested in racing
  • Fuel Injection Cleaner which keeps injectors and fuel systems in top condition

Red Dot Racing specialist products are engineered in England and Italy, they consist of standard brake pads and competition brake pads with grooved brake discs of either 6 or 20 slots. Also available are modified rear brake calipers for GTV 6 and 75 models which improves the brake adjustment.

Brake kits have been engineered to modify the front calipers and discs on GTV 6, 75 models and SZ and RZ models. These consist of four piston Bembo brake calipers with 320mm diameter grooved discs, complete with hoses and brackets.